Still at it... Studio Re-do

April 8, 2019

A little note from me...

I have been really working hard at getting my studio the way I want it and in the time I gave myself. I am working around my health problems that get worse with stress so it has slowed me down a little, but I have been making progress. I am very determined. 👍

I am wanting this rearrange to address some issues that my previous versions were lacking. Mainly smart storage so that I have more floor space and less of a cluttered look. I also had some eyesores and colors I wanted to get rid of (such as my black painted cabinet that I have used for years). I am in the process of painting it white (done by the time I finally got Stage 2 video shot). You will see it in the video below. Maybe easels will be next...

I also wanted a streamlined way to keep my colored pencils and watercolor pencils within reach, but not necessarily on top of my desk in all their glory, lol. I decided I wanted a unified look across my walls with pegboard and thought of a way to attach my pencil jars to the pegboard, (video below). Maybe you will like the idea and incorporate it yourself. If you do, please share on my facebook or instagram page you can find at the bottom of my website.

Hopefully after today's work I will have another video.

Happy creating!! Take care.

🎨 Angi